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My name is Venus

I am over twenty years old and been writing for a couple of years now and while I am not very good at it, I been trying to improve my writing as well write about different shows or movies that I like or even a book I really like. I like many shows and at the moment my top ten shows are Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Criminal Minds, Hawaii Five O, Reign, Arrow, Flash, Big Bang Theory, Gotham and The OC. As for reading I am Sword of Sharanra, City of Bones and Mark of Athena, I also have the books that the tv series Blood Ties is based on and the supernatural series of books as well and many other ones.

At the moment I am writing a few stories that are coming into my head and I hope to have out as soon as I can. I am also taking requests so if there was something you liked about one of my stories and would like a sequel or a new story please pm me and tell me I am also open to having people giving me advice as well, I also love to read reviews on my stories and hearing what everyone thinks of them.

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