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Unbelievable Alliance by Venus

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Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or Supernatural, nor any of the characters from the two shows. Teen Wolf is owned by Jeff Davis and MTV, Supernatural is owned by Eric Kripke and The CW.
Chapter 1: Mysterious Text

Sam had been working on cataloging all the things that the man of letters had left behind. At the time, it surprised Sam to see all the things that they had found in the bunker. Sam had hoped that he might find something to help them get rid of the mark, but he found nothing.

At that moment he was unsure about what to tell Dean. He thought about lying though over the years he learned that never ended well. He looked over at the table where Dean was typing away on his laptop. He had hoped that his brother was looking for a cure or for a case.

But knowing his older brother he was on the sites that he would go on. The last thing he wanted was his brother to lose hope. Sam turned back he saw he still had more work to do, letting out a loud sigh Sam put his clipboard down and walked over to Dean.

By the time Sam had reached the table he watched as Dean shut the laptop lid. Just before he could see what his older brother had been doing the whole time he was working. "So have you found any cases or a way to get rid of the mark?"

As he looked at his brother he could see Dean give him a look. That look told him that he was getting annoyed. "No, have you found anything?" Sam looked at his brother and while he understood why he annoyed he also felt like Dean was giving up.

No matter what Sam wasn't going to let that happen he was going to find a way no matter what the cost. "So far I have found nothing that can help us with the mark. Though, they do have many interesting things in their inventory." As he sat there he looked at the mark and watched as Dean covered it up once he saw Sam looking at it.

Sam hated the mark he saw what it made Dean do how he killed those men. If he had the first blade he knew it would be worse than he could kill more people maybe some who were innocent. "Sammy there is nothing we can do before it's too late I need to get away from you before I hurt you or worse kill you."

Hearing what his brother just said he shook his head not wanting to believe that he wanted to give up. They still could find the book of the damned. It would mean nothing if Sam gave up before they knew for sure that the book didn't have the answer. At that moment he had to keep Dean fighting at least until they found a way to help them with the mark.

"Dean we will find a way to get rid of the mark there is no way that I give up and you shouldn't as well there got to be a way." He could see Dean getting mad that he kept bringing the whole thing up about them looking for a cure. Sam became worried that if his brother went out there alone again he would kill someone.

"Sam if Cain couldn't find a cure there is no way we have any chance at finding one. Anyways I am hungry why don't you go out and get us some grumpy to eat." Sam gave his older brother a grin knowing all too well that now was not the time for anyone of them to leave the bunker.

"Dean I got you two Apple pies two days ago and anyway getting food can wait. We need to keep looking for a way to get rid of the mark before you lose control again." Just then he watched as Dean got up from his seat and placed a hand on Sam's shoulder. "Sammy go get food we won't be able to look for answers if we strive first I am fine just go it looks like you need some air."

Sam looked at Dean he serious didn't want to leave his brother alone in the bunker and risk him leaving. If the mark took control again he was sure that what he feared would happen, though saw no point in fighting. He grabbed the keys from Dean as he got to the door he was about to open it when he heard his brother shout.

"Sam do not forget my pie." As he turned around he saw Dean back on the laptop and with hope looking for a case or a cure. "Dean when I have I ever forgotten your pie?" He then took a second and figure that his brother could tell him.

"On second thought don't answer that, I will be back with the pie look for a case while I am gone." Not leaving Dean a chance to reply he closed the bunker door and headed into town to get some supplies. It took same fifteen minutes to get everything that they need and more. Sam would have gotten home sooner if he didn't have to look all over the place for some pie that his brother wanted.

When he first entered the bunker the first thing that he noticed was that Dean was no longer seating at the table. The first thing he did was place the food down and calls Dean's cell phone he could hear the ringing of Dean's phone. Hearing that sound made him feel better that Dean might still be in the bunker. Leaving the food on the table the first place Sam looked for his brother was the shooting range.

"Dean are you in there?" He opened the door to find no sign that Dean was in there and had been since this morning practice. Closing the door he then made his way to his brother's room and as he opened the door he was happy to see him asleep on the bed.

While he looked a bit closer he saw that Dean was wearing some headphones while listening to music. That told Sam on why Dean didn't answer his phone or hear him when he called his name, he walked towards the bed. Not wanting to wake Dean from his sleep Sam made sure not to make any noise and once at the bed he pulled the headphones off. He then watched as Dean sat up with a jolt and make eye contact with him and it took everything Sam had not to laugh.

"Damn it, Sammy, I was sleeping what did you do that for? You know, if you wanted to wake me up all you had to do was shaking my shoulder and now my head hurts." Without meaning to Sam let out a laugh, it had been awhile since they had pulled pranks on each other.

The fact he was able to make his older brother jump it made things all the worthwhile to see him react the way he did. Seeing Dean looking mad he gave out a sigh doing his best to stop laughing. "OK, I'm sorry man, but I did call out for you and when you didn't answer I came looking for you." He watched as Dean got up from his bed and looked at him once again still not happy about how he got woken up.

"Whatever dude you better have not forgotten my pie if you did you are going out to get it." Sam looked at his older brother and shook his head not seeing why his brother wanted pie so bad. "Dean I got your pie so relax"

They then made their way to where Sam had left the food they then headed to the kitchen. As he was putting away some food he looked over to see Dean eating his pie with a smile on his face. "Hey you know it wouldn't kill you to help put things away before eating your pie or waiting until I make some lunch." Just then he heard a phone go off he watched as Dean checked his phone and when he shook his head Sam checked his.

"Sam, what is it?" At first, all he could do was look down at his phone not sure what to make of the text he had just got. "Sam?" Just then he looked at his brother with what he was sure was a puzzled look on his face. "I just got a strange text from Charlie"

He then watched as his older brother put his pie down and walked towards him. "Charlie wow we haven't heard from her in a while, what do you think that kid is up to now a day." Sam would see a smile on his face, though the fact that the text was strange made him worry. "Here the strange thing the text only have two words, they are Beacon Hills"

He passed his phone to Dean. He watched as his brother looked at the text and the smile that was on his face changed to a look of worry. They then looked at each other wondering what those two words could mean.

The one thing that worried Sam was that Charlie was in some kind of trouble. If maybe the text was all she could do to ask them for help, the only thing was they had no idea where she was. The last time they spoke she never told them where they were going.
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