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The Date by Venus

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Disclaimer: I do not own Criminal Minds or any of the characters, they are owned by the one who made Criminal Minds and CBS.
Spencer Reid was going through his closet to find something to wear for his date with Lila Archer. It was only a few days ago that Lila called him, telling Spencer how she was going to be in town for a movie. Of course, she asked to meet with him for dinner and he told her he would.

As Spencer stood in his closet he tossed some shirts on his bed, while at the same time trying to decide what he should wear on his date. Giving up he took out his phone and called Morgan for some advice, Reid knew that Morgan was a pro since the team would call him a lady's man. Reid sat on his bed and after three rings he finally heard Morgan answer the phone.

"Hey kid is there a reason you are calling me while I am in the middle of a date." Reid rolled his eyes after letting out a deep sigh he slowly got off his bed and let out a loud groan, he wasn't sure why Morgan thought his date was different than the others. "Morgan, I got a question if I were to be going on a date what would the best thing to wear?"

Reid could hear Morgan spit something out through the phone and for a moment everything was silent. Then a voice finally come through the phone. "Are you serious? Well, tell me who is she? Whoever she might be I can tell you that this woman is she is a very lucky to have you so nervous."

Reid laid two outfits on the bed looking at them looking more confused, he looked back and forth. Letting out a deep breath he took a picture of the two outfits and sent it to Morgan. "Derek I don't have time for these question I have to pick her up in a couple of minutes. I sent you a picture which one should I wear?"

There was a pause and then he heard a deep sigh. "Go with the brown coat you look good in it, now have some fun kid and I expect to hear all the details tomorrow about how the date went." Spencer took the other outfit and placed it back in the closet.

"Fine Morgan, bye." Not waiting for Morgan to say goodbye he hung up the phone, he then changed into the outfit that Derek had suggested. As he was trying to button up his shirt, he found that he had to keep having to redo it five times before he got it right.

Giving his hair a quick brush he walked over to the door and reached down for his keys to find that they weren't there. The first place that Reid looked was in the kitchen than the bedroom, in the end, there was no luck in finding them. He sat on the couch for a moment then looked over to his right to see his bag laying there beside him.

As he opened his bag he found that his keys sitting in the bottom of the bag, after he grabbed the keys he looked at the time. Seeing that he was running late he dashed out the door forgetting to lock it behind him, making his way to his car. It took him five minutes to reach the hotel where Lila was staying.

As he parked the car he fiddled around with his tie trying to make it look straight. After a few times, he finally got it where he wanted it and then got out of his car and headed up to Lila's hotel room. In the elevator, he opened and closed his hands feeling that his hands had become covered in sweat.

By the time he got off the elevator he was sure that his hands were dripping with sweat, he wiped his hands on his pants. He then knocked on the hotel door three times and waited for her to answer, still feeling his hands sweaty. When Spencer saw her open the door and saw her in a red dress he was completely stunned and wasn't sure what to say.

He saw Lila smile as she grabbed a black coat and purse closing the hotel door behind her. He then saw her biting her lower lip standing there being as silent as he was being, Spencer gulped before saying. "Lila, wow you look amazing." He was so busy looking into her eyes that he almost missed her smiling back at him.

"Spencer thank you like quite I mean look nice as well, you clean up good for someone who doesn't date much." Reid offered his arm to Lila, once she took it they made their way down to where he had parked his car. The restaurant was a five minutes drive and it didn't take them long to find a parking spot that was a block away.

Spencer was the first to get out of the car, as he closed his door he ran to the other side of the car and opened Lila's door for her. He saw her smiling and he offered her hand to help her out, he then locked the door and they walked to the restaurant. He opened the restaurant door as they entered a young man with shaggy brown hair stood in front of them.

"Hello, table for two under the name of Spencer Reid." He watched as the young man typed on the computer for a moment the waiter was quiet, not long after he saw the man look up. "Oh yes here it is Doctor Reid, I am sorry for the wait please follow me to your table."

Reid watched as the young man reached under the desk and pulled out two menus out before leading them to a table. The table that he had led them to was near a window and was near the front door; once he had them seated at the table the waiter gave them the menus. "Your waiter will be with you in a moment." Reid looked at Lila he smiled and couldn't get over how beautiful she looked.

"Lila I am so glad that we get to be together, I worried that because of my job you want someone else." As soon as he said that he watched as she looked up at her menu, he could see her looking at him with a confused look on her face.

"Spencer, there is no one I rather be with. While I wish you had called me sooner I understand why you waited so long and I found it's so sweet that you were looking out for me." Reid looked back at his menu and it wasn't until he heard a slight cough that he notices that there was someone else there.

He looked up to see a tall blond kid holding a pad and paper in his hand, looking at them a bit annoyed about having to serve them. "Hello my name is Michael and I will be your waiter is there anything you like to drink?" He watched as Lila place the menu down not looking at their waiter, and not looking happy about the kid's attitude.

Spencer looked at the kid while taking a few deep breaths not wanting to seem nervous. "A beer for me please and a..." He looked over at Lila who put two fingers up. "Make that two beers please, we're not ready yet to order the food."

He watched as the kid nodded his head and walked them he then saw Lila got up from her seat and kissed Spencer on the cheek. "I will be right back I have to go to the washroom to freshen up a bit; I promise I won't be too long." Reid watched as Lila walked away and head towards the washrooms. Once Spencer was sure that she was no longer in sight he placed his hand in his right pocket and pulled out a ring box.

Spencer opened the box to reveal a four-carat engagement ring; he looked over at the woman's bathrooms in time to see her coming. He closed the box quickly and shoved it back into his pocket before she came back and saw it, the rest of their date was quiet. Once the dessert came he took a deep breath and knew that it was time to pop the question.

He took a deep breath before taking the box out of his pocket and opened it, grabbed the ring before getting out of his chair and bending down on one knee. As soon as Spencer got down on one knee he could see her gasp with tears in her eyes. "Lila ever since the day, that we met you have taken my breath away, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Spencer could see tears running down her face as she gave him her hand. "Yes, oh yes I will marry you, Spencer." As soon as he heard her say yes he placed the ring on her finger and stood up with her. They hugged each other hearing clapping from the other people in the restaurant, not wanting to wait they paid for their food and went back to his place.

The next morning Spencer woke up to the sound of him getting a text, as he picked up the phone he saw that it was a text from Morgan. It was him asking about how the date went; he looked over and saw Lila lying there smiling at him. "Morning Spencer my husband to be" Reid kissed her he was so happy that he found his true love.

As Reid looked at the time he looked at her, giving her a smile. "I want you to come with me to work; I want everyone to meet my beautiful fiancé." He brushed away a piece of hair from her face and kissed her again Spencer saw her smile.

After making some breakfast, Reid and Lila made their way to the BAU. Spencer saw that everyone was already in the conference room; he took Lila by the hand and saw her smile again. He led her into the room and as soon as they entered everyone looked at Reid confused, Hotch stood up looking at him with a stern look.

"Reid you're late and would you like to tell us why Lila is here?" Spencer looked at Hotch than at the rest of the group with a huge smile on his face. "Well, I thought everyone would like to hear the news that I asked Lila to marry me and she said yes."

As soon as everyone heard that he was getting married Spencer watched as everyone got up and started to hug him and Lila, Morgan was last to come up. "Congrats kid I am so happy for you both, I know you will take good care of him." He looked at Lila who smiled back at Derek and gave him a hug.

"I promise I will take good care of your brother Derek." Since no one could drink due to them having to work, Rossi quickly got a non-alcoholic drink and celebrated. Since they all had to work Lila called her agent to get a ride to work and Spencer kissed her goodbye feeling so happy.
There we go, promise to work on a sequel as soon as possible. Please review your thoughts on the show are always welcome.
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