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Drifting Together by djdubois

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Chapter 1 [Three Days Following “Nightmare”]

Following Zoom’s incarceration and subsequent return to Earth-2, life returned to normal around Central City. With the abnormally high temperatures, people headed outdoors to enjoy the flowers, share a picnic or get the errands at hand done. A pleasant buzz settled over the city.

It seemed to be great.


[STAR Labs]

With no noticeable threats on the horizon, Team Flash tweaked their equipment and diagnostics. Jay and Caitlin upgraded the speed cannon. Barry debated scientific theories with his friends and offered advice. Eddie chipped in with what he’d seen from the Other Side. Cisco puttered and tinkered with his inventions coming up with a new thermal regulator as Snart insurance.

Still, despite the successes and triumphs”both collective and romantic”going on around himself, Cisco brooded. Oh sure, he was psyched that his friends were happy. He craved the challenge of creating the answer to the latest metahuman to come down the pike.

Zoom unmasked, caged and then kicked out of their realm? After Cisco depowered his ass? Can you say boo yeah?

He sighed heavily and set the latest gadget down on his station. He sipped broodingly from a black coffee mug and set it down on the counter as well. I know I’m awesome. Then what’s wrong with me? The others have people that care about them. Why can’t I hold onto one of the awesome gals that come into my life?

That high school girl…the name escaped him at the moment…She actually had liked him. Or maybe would’ve if Dante hadn’t lied to her about his becoming a priest….

Kendra Saunders…hot barista and newcomer to Central City…There was a spark there. They were good together despite his early brain farts where she was concerned. They had dinners and watched the stars together. He tried to protect her from Vandal Savage and be the great boyfriend….

…that is until Carter Hall…no Prince Kufu…showed up, brought out the inner warrior priestess in her. That was the end of that.

Lisa Snart….little sister to Captain Cold and a criminal in her own right…To say they didn’t start out on the right foot was a grotesque understatement. She’d seduced him while Cold kidnapped Dante. She’d betrayed Barry at the airfield. That should’ve been a showstopper right there.

And yet…

She’d revealed why she was that way and how her father had treated her. She did care about her brother and had shown regret over what had happened earlier...okay some regret….She did trust him…her first in that regard as she put it….

Maybe if she’d stayed, he could’ve turned her. Maybe…if Cold didn’t kill him first….

Wish one of them could’ve stayed….Sweet guy, yeah that’s me.

A soft hand on his shoulder stirred him from his reverie.

He nearly jumped turning around to find Caitlin standing there. “Oh! Hey! What’s up?”

She quirked an eyebrow and inspected him with concern. “Cisco, you okay?”

“Yeah…sure. Sorry I was thinking of stuff. Everything okay with you?” he replied admittedly disoriented. He tugged the happy mask back on tightly forcing the usual upbeat grin.

“Jay and I are going to Jitters. We’re going to meet Barry, Patty, Eddie and Iris. Come on. You need a break,” she urged. What’s going on with him? Why’s he so depressed? Everything’s finally going all right…well with the exception of Dr. Wells’ disappearance.

He sighed not really wanting to be around the pairs’ table and feeling like the odd man out. “Yeah well…I’m really close to finishing this sonic jammer. It should be really cool!”

“Cisco, there’s more to life than inventing and hanging out here.” She rolled her eyes at her own words. “It took Ronnie and Jay to teach me that. You’ve got plenty of time to work on that.”

“Caitlin, thanks for the invite. I really appreciate it. Really,” he replied earnestly. “I just…you know…feel kind of tired. You all go and have fun.”

“You sure?” Jay queried as he joined them. “You’re not a fifth wheel, Cisco. Just understand that. All right?”

Although Jay’s words sounded great and he wanted to believe them, Cisco just wanted his space. “Thanks for the reminder. Yeah I’m sure. Kind of need some time.”

Caitlin shrugged. “Okay. Well if you want to come by, we’ll keep a seat open. Hope you’re feeling better.” She took Jay’s hand. “Good coffee and company, right?”

“Absolutely. Take care, Cisco,” Jay wished his friend before leading his companion out of the chamber and toward her waiting car outside.

For a half hour after his friends left, Cisco toiled away on the tech. He attempted to keep his mind fixed on the task at hand while trying to ignore his inner frustration. He drained the rest of his coffee mug, refilled it and repeated the drill two more times.

Am I good enough? Without anyone around to maintain the cover for, he sulked openly for a couple of minutes. Then he rolled his eyes at himself. “You’re better than this, Dude!” He grabbed his coat and put the systems on standby. Then he headed for the door.

He needed some air. Maybe he’d end up at Jitters. Maybe not. But he was going to do something else besides sulk over his equipment. At least his night wasn’t going to be a complete disaster.

And you could take that to the bank….
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