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Ghosts by djdubois

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This is both my first attempt at a drabble and a White Collar fic. It pairs Neal and Sara. White Collar and its characters belong to USA Network. Thanks and enjoy!

[Sterling Bosch—London Branch]

Neal glanced about the elevator. His mind deviated between twin poles. He’d strolled through Paris for six months. Le Cite’s highlights had been his oyster bed. The finest cafés rendered up their best delicacies for his palate.

Death gave him an all access pass.

And yet for once, the Con wasn’t enough….

He stepped out invisible in a sea of suits. Caffrey the Ghost.

His eye met its goal alighting upon his Sara…

Her arched eyebrow and smirk agreed. Their lips met hungrily. Their embrace they never wanted to end.

A con surrendered for a love true. Who would believe?
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