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Princess Faerie by djdubois

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Notes: This edition of Merlin belongs to the BBC and Scyfy Channel. This one was inspired by both “Mistletoe” and Will1969’s awesome birthday gift to me.
Princess Faerie
DJ Dubois
March 2017

Between duties glad
Sit I do in Camelot’s garden
A vision eases mood a tad
To her my heart harkens

Amidst her flowers favor’d
Lavender and violets fragrant
Her visage I savor
Trust I do her heart radiant

Glance I do
Toward citadel in north
Toward Virtue True
Bringing an image forth

Fore Yule Celebration
Surprised me she did
With private jubilation
And gifts open and hid

On night before
As Gawain and I worked
From me, the curtain tore
Bounds twixt worlds uncorked

Luna washed the hall
In gentle light
Pushing aside Nocturne’s pall
For a heavenly sight

My Princess awashed was
In Lux’s delight
Giddiness she caused
Heart’s course she set right

Faerie dust all ‘round
Lent her presence divine
Resolve I found
Rather than more continued pine

White skin glistened
Mischievous eye did spark
To her breaths my ear listened
As Amor’s dart hit its mark

A slight breeze
Her flowing chocolate locks billow’d
Further weaken’d my knees
Then bending akin to branch willow

Smile proud
Creased her lips
As festival tree profound
Status quo tipp’d

Shone she did
Akin to radiant faerie
Her feelings not hid
For me truly caring

Remember the vows
From Queen and Princess True
Support our Hearts found
Soon our voyage would ensue

For now I wait
Bid my time I do
With us lies Fate
And Love most true….
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