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Rose Among the Blooms by djdubois

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Lancelot and Princess Mithian are from Merlin which belongs to the BBC and Scyfy. Elaine of Astolat has appeared in several places. Most notably, we've seen her in the works of Malory, Tennyson and Marion Zimmer Bradley. This is set during a scene in my story, "Refuge".

On early morn
Late in Summer’s reign
Finery does scene adorn
Beauty my way frames

A symphony all around
Of shades and hues
Of relaxing sounds
My heart they soothe

Sol rides skyward
From eastern roost
Pushing back dark
With his shafts loosed

As he and Nocturne contend
Lux’s shades progress
As purples and rouges blend
Eventually into oranges and reds digress

Flora’s variety I admire
From different types
Of this ne’er shall I tire
Of bloom or fruit ripe

I admire the scene
Rose’s red, yellow and white
Jasmine’s fragrant purity
Lavender’s delicate sheen
Mood they make bright
Lessen they Amor’s injury

As engrossed I was
Notice I did not
Until a fuss
Arose from source distraught

Discovered did I
A maiden in desperate straits
Softly did she cry
Tears streak’d her face
Approached her I did
Her plight wash’d ‘way mine
Her pain doth hid
A radiance divine

Clad in dress patch’d
And hair much muss’d
Much like a roof thatched
On herself she’d na’ fuss

When pressed I did
About her straits
Away from herself she did me bid
To instead surrounding fates

Her name she me told
In Vox’s halting tones
“Elaine” my ear did hold
That seed in Corazon’s field sown

Watered by her tears
Warm’d by her concern
For others, she did fear
Their need inside her burn’d

Despite Twilight’s dim
And Beauty everywhere
Elaine them all hid
Sweeping me up with aura fair

Offered her a day divine
And seat most after sought
At table high
And fine food to be brought

A second seed sown
My invitation did
Her Corazon used to be alone
With mine now it did fit

A condition she made
One request proposed
Poor’s hunger she’d satiate
Alongside our host

Relief washed Fear ‘way
Assuaging bosom mine
Cleansing Corazon’s Pain
As sprouted her crop divine

Under brightening morn
Strode we from flora fair
From Natura Duty us tore
Toward Mundane Affair

On granite steps
Front of castle high
The masses up crept
Seeking that bread fine

The Princess at them smiled
Gladly she’d them feed
Their hunger her sensibilities defiled
Wished she their needs to meet

Accepted our aid gladly
With grin and a glittering eye
The Princess worked madly
Bread toward Need did fly

Elaine instinctively followed
Her Princess’ lead
In that place hallow’d
Crowds’ from hunger she freed

As aid we gave
Under Sol’s oversight
Elaine did me further amaze
At Child’s sudden plight

In frenzied midst
As mob’d joustle
For Ambrosia they compete’d
Strong the weak dissed
Need roughly ‘way tussled
Child cripp’ to be under feet

Elaine dove in
Ne’er hesitate she did
Into ferocious din
From ravenous wolves she na’ hid

The little girl stared
Disbelief her filled
O’er an angel’s care
While in hostile midst

Elaine struggled in this mass
The crowd at her clawed
They she did harass
Within that maw
This happ’d so fast
‘Fore Mercury could blink
‘Fore an instant passed
Fortuna my heart doth sink

Forgetting Lament
And Guinevere lost
Barreled in I did
Accept I would not
Elaine’s torment
Amidst that ravenous host
Buried quickly in its mid
Buffeted by frenzied hot

Quickly pulled them free
Did the Princess and I
My lady and the child
Refuge did we seek
Toward Safety we’d fly
On Steps most mild

Despite the misfortune
Elaine did insist
Finished she Compassion’s tune
And handed out the rest

Even after bread
Had long since disappeared
Another’s need she met
With coins most dear

Elaine comfort’d the girl
Without another thought
Her eyes on precious pearl
For which she’d fought

Realization struck
In Moment Key
With stroke of luck
I did see

In celebration’s midst
With vain ladies ‘round
Elaine’s light Corazon kiss’d
Relief I had found

Stand would Elaine’s bloom
When Winter chilled others
Vanity, it’d all doom
Elaine’s though it ‘na bother

And so Fortuna did decide
Fate offered path divine
Down that did I ride
With lady most sublime….
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