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Healing by djdubois

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The Triple Goddess speaks….

I wish that the aggression of mortals would cease to amaze me. Frankly it never shall to say the least. Greed, avarice, pride, lust and gluttony all combine to undo Fortuna’s delicate handiwork. Pulled strands stray away from the main tapestry. Each thread threatening to rip the main craft asunder.

Such was the malice of my former servant, Morgana Pendragon. Again and again, she injected fire and terror unduly into the populace in my name. Yes, I had issues with Uther and his son, Arthur, for their repression of the Old Religion. Still I never advocated wholesale slaughter and mayhem. Certainly she has shamed Avalon with her malice.

To balance her, Merlin or, as my followers refer to him, Emrys, champions the people. He represents humility belying his great power. From the shadows, he skillfully and subtly employs his magic to draw the tapestry closer together. He is my agent to bring the destined Albion to fruition.

Alas though, due to Morgana’s scheming, the Once and Future King would not see this task brought to fruition. His death ended an era and ushered in another in its wake. Many died in that unnecessary clash at Camlann. Blood soaked the ground. Wills lay broken. Who is to say which way the greater scheme of things will progress?

Now *that* would be telling…..

Still the balance will shift. Other statuses shall change.

And a loyal Princess will be at the heart of it all… The least that one can expect can rise to the occasion.

With Albion in the balance, one can hope so….
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