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Defining Moments Challenge Collection by LyricalSinger

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Challenge 16 - Going Meta. I've combined two challenges: Challenge 16: Going Meta and a word challenge to use the words "elude", "death-defying" and "chrysanthemum" and the action must take place in a garden. I was inspired by MoonFox's wonderful story "So Loved" (particularly the scene with Merlin and Mithian in the garden), and so this one is for her with huge thanks. Beta'ed, as always, by the wonderful sarajm.
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The Time is Now

Merlin made his way along the castle hallways and outside towards the gardens to meet Mithian. Nemeth's gardens had once been the envy of the neighbouring kingdoms, but Morgana had put an end to that, as she had so many things.

The fact that she eluded capture rankled him. As the young warlock made his way along the once-beautiful garden paths and viewed the destruction, he couldn't help but wish that he'd been privileged enough to have seen the flower beds in their prime. While the outlines of the various sections of the garden were still evident, the plants themselves had been trampled, their roots exposed to the harsh sun and drying winds. It was enough to bring tears to Merlin's eyes.

Merlin looked up and, glimpsing Mithian sitting in the distance, made a death-defying decision – he was going to tell her everything. Merlin had travelled to Nemeth as part of Arthur's entourage, and since their arrival a few days earlier the young man had been able to watch Mithian quite closely. He loved the princess, and her conduct over the past few days had made it clear to him that he could trust her with his deepest secrets.

Her kindness, her intelligence and, more importantly, her love, had instilled a sense a calm in Merlin; a feeling that was so precious to him, especially considering the confrontation he'd just had with Arthur.

After enjoying a lovely picnic, Mithian suggested they take a walk around the ruined garden. They meandered along the paths arm-in-arm, Merlin listening as the princess spoke of the garden's previous delights. When they paused beside one of the devastated rose beds, Merlin glanced at his companion and thought, now is the time to show her what I truly am.

Mithian's eyes grew round as Merlin stretched his hand out and, with a whispered incantation he encouraged the rose bush to repair itself and put forth several blooms. Then, as he put forth more power, the enchantment travelled from tree to bush to plant. Trees began to rejuvenate broken limbs and bushes righted themselves and bloomed like it was the middle of summer. The smaller plants changed from dull brown to light green as their tiny leaves unfurled.

As the garden renewed itself under the healing magic, a look of wonder appeared on Mithian's face. Her eyes were bright with joy and a smile turned up the corners of her oh-so-kissable lips.

"Merlin, this is … amazing," she said.

Merlin grinned at his love and then gave her a quick wink. Cupping his hands, he breathed an incantation into his palms. A sudden flash of golden light appeared from between his entwined fingers and then all was calm once again.

Merlin gazed over at Mithian, a look of hesitance on his face, before he opened his hands. Lying there, its petals perfectly formed, was a single chrysanthemum of the palest pink, with dark green leaves.

Mithian's eyes travelled from the flower to Merlin's face.

"It's beautiful," she whispered.

"It's for you," responded Merlin as he took the flower and gently tucked it into one of the elaborate braids that held her hair off her face.

While they both knew that the time had come for a serious discussion, the Princess and the Warlock took a few moments to stand amongst the flowers and simply enjoy each other's presence. The world could wait a few more moments.
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