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While our writers welcome constructive criticism, we have zero tolerance for flaming or harassment. Please be courteous to other members, and if you run into any issues, we ask that you contact us directly. Thank you!

Posting Stories

You're absolutely allowed to create derivative works based on various fandoms. However, stealing from other authors and trying to pass their work off as your own is not permitted.

2. Proper spelling/grammar/formatting is important.
No one will penalize you for the occasional misspelling or grammatical error. We only ask that you edit your work to the best of your ability (or find a beta reader to help you). Stories that are excessively sloppy or full of chatspeak run the risk of being removed.

3. Stories must be labeled appropriately.
Please categorize your stories under the correct fandom(s) and make sure you select all of your main characters, relationship types, rating, and warnings.

If your chosen fandom, characters, or warning types aren't available, comment here and we'll get them added for you ASAP.


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