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Name: ExcaliburMaiden · Date: 07/29/17 8:35 pm · For: Sorrow in Nocturne's Wood
That was cute! I liked it!

Name: Wil1969 · Date: 06/24/17 11:30 am · For: Sorrow in Nocturne's Wood

Sweet little drabble. And I must say, this is called Jewel, and reading your post on the forum, you have some jewels there. Some marvelous ideas about Merlin and Mithian. Love the one with Agravaine... I don't have any great ideas myself at this time. I'll rewatch Merlin, and who knows.. Keep writing. ;-)

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for writing back and the nice review. Well I hope the Muse can play nice and kind of stick to that plan although she tends to veer off in different directions. As for Agravaine (or "Lord Aggravating" as Gawain will say later in this piece), he's up to plenty of bad stuff in Keepsakes Lost and the next couple of pieces. We'll just have to see how much he gets away with before a certain Princess puts her foot down and says 'Don't mess with my Warlock!' And by the way, your artwork is great. It helped to inspire this story and the series that's coming from it. Take pride from that. :) Thanks again!

Name: Doberler · Date: 04/23/17 5:31 am · For: Sorrow in Nocturne's Wood
I can read so much in so few words. Nicely done!

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