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Reviews For Drifting Together

Name: summerartist · Date: 04/23/17 12:46 pm · For: The Girl's Back in Town
It's interesting that Lisa is torn between her and her brother's way of life and her admiration for the Flash team. It's a conflict I didn't really see with her before since she comes across as comfortable being a rogue, but if she dated Cisco she would probably seriously consider leaving that lifestyle for a time. Interesting.

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for the reviews. I think the conflict comes from several sources. First, she does like Cisco despite being on the Rogues. Then came that whole mess with her father. Finally consider how she feels being deserted by Leonard and Heatwave for Rip's time machine trip. She needs something. I think given what she faced in the bar, she got it through her head that she needs something. Is she comfortable with it? Not really. Is Team Flash comfortable with her? Not really yet. Are they all willing to try? Yeah they are. I wrote the beginning of a sequel called "Sabotage" last year but dropped it. Lisa and Cisco's relationship was one of the good parts of it. Look for it on . Thanks again!

Name: summerartist · Date: 04/23/17 12:39 pm · For: Cisco's Doubts
Snart insurance! I love that phrase, I bet Rip and the Legends would love to have that.

I like that you're giving Cisco some lime light. He's such an amazing character. I hope he can get out of his funk and have a good time soon.

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