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Name: jillc · Date: 05/23/17 4:12 pm · For: The Poem...
Wow I thought this was fantastic. I have never been able to write poetry myself, so I really admire anyone who can write a poem as good as this. What I love about this is how the words flow into one another, you are swept away as you read it. A really interesting couple you have chosen to base this on as well. So well constructed and I totally loved it well done. 😀

I see you are into Merthian as well, I need to read some while I wait for my computer to arrive.

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you for the pleasant review. I'm glad you enjoyed this poem. It's interesting that you talk about being swept away by reading it. I enjoy being swept along with the characters as I compose poems and stories. I guess I overindulge in the metaphor and word choices. Then again, I look at the great poets. They paint with their words. I try to do the same. As for the couple, I do not care for the way Lancelot and Elaine's story is traditionally told by Tennyson, Malory and even Bradley. She deserves to be treated as the kind and caring person that she is--not some second choice to fill a place, fulfill a need and then be tossed away. When I was writing "Refuge" last summer, I thought, 'No, let Lancelot do better this time. Let him actually care for Elaine. Let him deal with Gwen being with Arthur (even if it kills him to do so) and have to move on. Elaine really does blossom in her own right in that story and in "Healing". Thanks again for the pleasant feedback. I do appreciate it! Yes please do read my stories here and on I'd like to know what you think when you can post comments. Take care! :)

Name: LyricalSinger · Date: 04/18/17 7:44 am · For: The Poem...
Okay, I fully admit that when I saw Lancelot listed as the main character, I said "must read" (because I adore Lancelot in any and all iterations!). I've been remiss in that this is the first piece of yours that I've read, and I really enjoyed it. Your writing is so vivid and your Elaine is exactly how I always imagined she would be. Thank you for this wonderful poem.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading this poem. Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah I'll admit I've never liked how the story of Lancelot and Elaine has been told by Tennyson, Malory and Bradley among others. In this one, I was basically aiming to show what would happen if Elaine actually was treated right by someone. It's no surprise what happened in this piece, Refuge (the bigger piece on which this poem's based) or in Healing. Thanks again for reading! :)

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