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Name: summerartist · Date: 01/01/17 5:43 pm · For: Conclusion
Mmm The ham dish in the beginning sounds delicious. I like that it ends with cuddles.

Author's Response: Thank you for the great reviews and reading. I'm wondering if Patty forgot her pan accidentally-on-purpose to set that scene up. (I wouldn't put it past her.) Look for the sequel, "Ball Drop" soon here.

Name: summerartist · Date: 01/01/17 5:38 pm · For: Big Revelation
Oh, I like the Barry's comment about Patty being in a suit too. She would have made a great speedster. Very determined and helpful. She would be great at the rescuing people business since she already does it with her job. But yay, very sweet chapter. ^_^

Author's Response: I think in the comics, Patty actually has an accident and gets Flash powers. (She was Ms. Flash.) As for rescuing people, see "Nightmare" and the 'worthy bullet' reference. lol!

Name: summerartist · Date: 01/01/17 5:32 pm · For: Joe and Patty Talk
I like that Joe's embracing the concept of Barry's relationship with Patty instead of his 'I don't wanna know' spiel. Hmm I wonder who's going to tell first. Great work with keeping the tension going.

Name: summerartist · Date: 01/01/17 5:18 pm · For: Barry's Moving Ahead
Ooo I think Barry's in for a surprise. I'm glad Iris made him see sense. It bugged me a lot that Barry never told her in the show. I hope he gets around to it this time or Patty tells him about her epiphany.

Name: summerartist · Date: 01/01/17 5:10 pm · For: Patty Pieces Things Together
Yay, Patty figured it out! Oh, I forgot that he shouted with his normal voice during that part. Good thought about making that moment the one that clued her in. Interesting. I like the storybook-like tone to the beginning.

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