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Reviews For Mistletoe

Name: ExcaliburMaiden · Date: 12/26/16 10:46 am · For: Sentiments and Appearances
I hope you had a lovely Christmas! Thanks for writing this for me. It was a charming , little story. Have a happy new year and thanks again!

Author's Response: Hi! I did have a great Christmas. Thank you for the kind sentiment. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. A sequel is likely at some point. Take care!

Name: jillc · Date: 12/23/16 2:15 pm · For: Sentiments and Appearances
The beginning was really sweet, with Mithian realising that she needed to let Merlin have his destiny with Arthur. But you also know that she will get her time with him as well, which is what it should have been. Their parting is so sweet here.

I loved Mithian's speech when Arthur prompted her. She sounded like a real stateswoman here. Also enjoyed the way she found Merlin's eye when she mentioned him. So good to see him get some recognition and see others praise him.

I wish Gwen had punched Arthur for his comment, would have roared with laughter there. But its good to see he isn't a total fool like they showed him in the show sometimes.

I really like that it ended with an open ending, so it gives you the chance to continue it, which I really hope you do. A really enjoyable Christmas story, and once again thanks for writing it.

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you for the reviews and the analysis. I really wish that something like this had happened in Series 5. Mithian, at the very least, would have made a valuable ally for Merlin. I still think it could have worked between them. (Let Arthur deny them and watch Morgana plot over that continuity. Ouch!) Anyhow there will be a sequel at some point. Arthur's really going to hate that visit to Nemeth for Pentecost or Easter. Between Rodor, Gwen and Mithian, he doesn't have a chance.... Have a splendid day! :)

Name: jillc · Date: 12/23/16 1:21 pm · For: Wishes Fulfilled
Wow Mithian has really planned everything here, including killing the dinner. I loved his reaction when he sees the way the chamber has been decorated. Mithian's reaction to Merlin saying he has nothign to offer her, is so sweet, and she's abosoultely right of course.

The message from Gwen was lovely. Also the way she promised she would work on Arthur, proves just what an impression Merlin has made. It is nice that in the end he accepts this for what it is, his friend's helping him to get some personal happiness for a change.

She is a sneaky lady with the mistletoe though isn't she? As I said before Merlin does not have a chance.

Name: jillc · Date: 12/23/16 1:13 pm · For: Sentiments Around the Festive Tree
I loved all the Merlin-Gwaine scenes here. So good to see that one knight is prepared to help Merlin, even if he has been pushed into it. I also fully approve that he supports the Merlin and Mithian union.

I actually feel a bit for Merlin though as his friends are trying so hard to fit him and Mithian up, that I can understand why he feels its being a bit forced. But I like how Mithian calms him down and turns it into an example of his friends supporting him.

Loved Mithian getting Merlin under the mistletoe though, a very cunning and clever plan to get her man, where she wants him. Then she demands his presence in her chamber, oh my.

Name: jillc · Date: 12/23/16 1:03 pm · For: Hallway Encounter
Trust Merlin to use his magic and then end up in a mess through doing it. Lol. I had my heart in my mouth when he summoned the box over. I was sure Arthur or someone else would see it. I loved the unexpected entrance of Mithian, taking Merlin by surprise.

I really like the way you have written her here, she is really confident, knows exactly what she wants. Between her and Gwen, poor Merlin hasn't got a chance. They also make a really good team, as they showed here. Something else that interests me is just how seriously Mithian and Gwen have sorted this plan out. It seems that they are both anxious that Merlin should get some happiness. Except of course Merlin can't stop going on about his damned destiny.

I have a feeling though that Mithian will have the determination to ensure that she gets her man in the end.

Name: jillc · Date: 12/23/16 12:56 pm · For: Gwen's Task for Merlin
First off thank you so much for writing this story.

I really love your writing style the way you set the scene at the beginning was delightful. The moment Gwen started talking to Merlin you could see, she was up to something. I am a great Mergwen fan so anything which involves these two is fine by me. This relationship was sadly neglected in the last series of the show, so it is good to see you have continued their friendly demeanour here.

The joke about slaying a dragon was amusing if only Gwen knew. I also loved the way she propelled him into the decorating, having taken care of everything else herself. Efficient as ever.

Loved the ending bit where Gwen has planned the time for Merlin to meet with Mithian, a great plan. Look forward to reading more of this.

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