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Reviews For Healing

Name: MadameMorganLeFay · Date: 09/26/17 6:40 am · For: News to Nemeth's Council
An informative and interesting glimpse into Court life in Nemeth and the associated political conflicts. There is a good contrast between the calm in Wyngate's chambers, where Mithian cares for Merlin, and the conflict in Court. The sad spectacle of Rodor's declining health was also well-maintained throughout the chapter. I did think there should have been a separation between Rodor's exit and Aetheldred's plotting, but that didn't bother me too much. Certainly, there is an intriguing plot thread here.

Name: MadameMorganLeFay · Date: 12/22/16 10:47 am · For: Mithian's Warm Care
Mithian's concern is very touching here and a reflection of her general respect for everyone regardless of rank. Just a few observations/suggestions here: the flashbavk appeared to be from Mithian's perspective, but started off with Merlin's direct viewpoint, which was jarring (although I liked the details you added). Also, with the dialogue between Mithian's head and heart, the dialogue tags seemed unnecessary as the italics already showed we were inside Mithian's head. That being said, I liked the personification of Mithian's heart when it "snorts", and the dialogue does underscore her basic insecurity.

Name: MadameMorganLeFay · Date: 12/22/16 8:20 am · For: Merlin's Nightmare
I enjoyed how Gawain demonstrated the tragedy of Merlin considering himself inextricably linked to Arthur, and how this actually demeans his own worth. I would be interested in seeing a more softer/vulnerable side to Morgana in addition to the rage she demonstrated here. Nice flashback scenes with Mithian, too.

Author's Response: Hi. Thanks for the review! Gawain is and always will be one of Merlin's biggest allies. I want to try and play that out here as well. As for your insight about Morgana, yes, I think that will be necessary at some point. She isn't done yet unfortunately. What she does, we'll just have to see. Still Merlin needs to confront her in order to move forward. Morgana needs to heal too (or at least co-exist and be at peace) so that the post-Arthur Albion can move on. Still, as you point out, there is another side to Morgana beside the crazed megalomania. Her concerns were valid but were swept aside without a hearing for the "Greater Good". How to repair those rifts would do a lot to heal things for sure. More soon!!

Name: MadameMorganLeFay · Date: 12/06/16 4:51 am · For: Merlin's Arrival
Very good characterization of Mithian; it appears we are on the same wavelength with regards to the head-canon. One of the things that makes Mithian very interesting is the contrast between her human side as compared to her official presence as a Princess and future Crown Heir. I'd still wonder whether you need all the ellipses in these chapters, as some could be replaced by a simple comma. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Name: MadameMorganLeFay · Date: 12/05/16 2:38 pm · For: Freya's News
You made very good use of subtle signals showing Freya's sorrowful envy of Mithian and Merlin's possible future union, although I hope there's much challenge for both along the way. You really have to feel sorry for her; had she lived longer, she would have had her heart's desire. And in my headcanon, Mithian is a tolerant woman, and would never persecute someone with magic jsut for the sake of it; she values people based on their character. Some good internal dialogue for her. I did think there could have been some space for her to properly react to Kay's death, as she seemed to just take it in her stride, along with news of her father's impending death. I'll be very interested to see how Merlin reacts to seeing Mithian again.

Name: MadameMorganLeFay · Date: 12/05/16 2:23 pm · For: Sharing Information in Camelot
Good on Britomart. I wasn't exactly suew how Gaius knew her though, unless I missed something. I liked the honest look into the pressure Guinevere feels as a ruler, and it's interesting how to see how becoming Queen has distanced her from the nature of complaints made by the peasants; how she has to remind herself that even though those burdens are smaller, they are still important. That was some very interesting characterization there. I'd suggest going back through the chapter to clear up the parts in italics, there's a bit of a jumble with italics and non-italicized words.

Name: MadameMorganLeFay · Date: 11/29/16 1:22 am · For: Chapter 5
Good to see that Freya will have some use instead of just being a damsel in distress and floating around in a lake doing nothing.

I liked the part where she had to suppress her feelings upon hearing her role in bringing Merlin to Mithian. That being said, I hope the Merthian is solely motivated by them being in love and not by the Triple Goddess alone, LOL! I also liked the image of Merlin's exhaustion here, so much so that he doesn't know how to fight anymore.

During some parts, I felt you could have developed some of the sentences a little more as you tend to have a lot of short sentences clustered together in quick succession. It works in some places, although in others, where there could be more emphasis on a particular emotion (a.k.a the part where Merlin considers Arthur's death), you may have needed to add a little more detail.

Looking forward to seeing how Mithian reacts to his arrival in Camelot.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Don't worry. Merlin and Mithian are in love with each other. Such things, however, can be utilized by the triple goddess to her own designs. In this case, she wants to keep Albion going strong despite Arthur's death. Consequently she allows some things to flourish as they will (the Merthian love). Other things (such as Merlin and Freya's relationship), she adapts to suit her own designs. As for the short sentences, that was for effect. Everything at the end of the finale left Merlin numb. I wanted to show him reacting by instinct. He can barely speak (and only with Freya prompting him). He had nothing (or so he believed). He had hit bottom. Gawain will go through something similar probably. (I have no idea what the Muse has in mind for him other than it involves Britomart.) Now for both Merlin and Gawain, there's something new. Thanks again!

Name: MadameMorganLeFay · Date: 11/26/16 10:18 am · For: First Rescue
Britomart sounds like an exciting character, and it is nice to see a prominent woman character, as there weren't many in Season Five. Morgana's lunacy is painfully apparent here; her obssessive desire for revenge has thoroughly corrupted her. I imagine her as being a shadow of her former self by now. I felt some of the adverbs used in this chapter could have been reduced to avoid overuse. Some of the lines could have been written without adding an adverb: for example, "She chortled", rather than "She chortled sarcastically." Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for reading and the insights. Between this story and "Refuge", I've been trying to get a handle on both Mithian and Britomart in terms of being a.) women in a man's world, b.) strong leaders and c.) emotional/nurturing figures. Especially with Ywain and the old chivalric types lurking about, it isn't always easy for them, is it? sigh.... By the way, if you like Britomart, you should give Spenser's Faerie Queene a read. :) Glad you noticed the conflict within Mithian. I wanted to make sure it made sense. Obviously her feelings have been developing since at least the coup. I'd say since the aborted engagement with Arthur. I can't wait to see how she develops in this scenario! I guess my timing for starting this one when I did might not have been the greatest. I actually had the idea in my mind last spring but chose to write "Refuge" at that point instead. I was posting Healing over on where I discovered a reference to this site. After that, I discovered your piece and Jillc's after I had posted the first two chapters. (By the way, they're both great. :) ) Guess Camlann leaves a lot of room for discussion.... I do draw a lot on a variety of Arthurian sources but my favorite bard is Chretien des Troyes (late twelfth century). He gave us Lancelot, Percival, Ywain, and Malodius (even if our friendly lion wasn't named in that work). One thing about fandoms like Merlin and writing my original stories, I get to explore spiritualism, sorcery and romance against the odds. Pieces like ours do offer comparative approaches too. I appreciate how you made that point so well vis-a-vis the Merthian romance. Thank you once again for the reviews. Be eager to see what you think of Merlin's development throughout the rest of the story. It's going to be interesting in this piece to see Merlin's development as well in a new place and new framework. Take care!

Name: MadameMorganLeFay · Date: 11/26/16 6:49 am · For: Assessment at Camlann
A very good point with regards to indignation over Arthur rejecting Mithian as wife. Of course, from the perspective of the delegation, this would have been an insult, perhaps amplified had Arthur not offered Mithian all the disputed lands of Gedref as a peace offering. Good point there.

Name: MadameMorganLeFay · Date: 11/26/16 6:37 am · For: Brewing Crisis in Nemeth
I enjoyed reading this. You portrayed the wrestling between Mithian's logical and impulsive side extremely well. I wasn't so sure about the repeated use of the ellipses, though; I understood that they were being used stylistically to convey thought, but they did still distract my reading by the end. I personally love the ellipses, so I can see where you are coming from.

Poor Rodor! Like the build-up of tension here.

Name: MadameMorganLeFay · Date: 11/26/16 5:59 am · For: The Triple Goddess' Advisory
Ooh, excellent opening! Very intriguing. It seems your story might have some similar elements to mine, but I am definitely looking forward to your take on the Merthian romance.

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