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Reviews For Nightmare

Name: summerartist · Date: 11/25/16 4:48 pm · For: Chapter 5
I like their healthy relationship in show, besides the whole Flash secret thing, and it's nice that you brought that in and made it work out all right. I normally don't ship characters but I enjoy the kindness and love in this. Well done.

Author's Response: Hi and thank you for your reviews! After all of the angst, loss and bad stuff going on in Season 2, I felt the characters deserved a break. Patty deserved more of a chance. She definitely had proved herself by dealing with King Shark the first time. At least in this AU, she gets her chance. On the cinematic quality you mention in the first review, I appreciate that. I try to make sure that you as a reader can close your eyes and see the characters in your mind...not just what they're doing on the page or screen in this case. (Just think of the old radio serials from the 1950s. I used to just that with them. ) Thanks again for commenting. There's a sequel I have with Cisco and Lisa Snart that I'm thinking of posting soon. Take care! Have a great day!

Name: summerartist · Date: 11/25/16 4:39 pm · For: Chapter 3
Oh, I just remembered the title on this. That explains a lot. This one is going to be a doozy to wake up from.

Name: summerartist · Date: 11/25/16 4:37 pm · For: Chapter 2
I like the poker face callback thing. Ohhh This is like his nightmare with Patty being dangled from the roof, but with Iris this time too. Yeah, the show's Zoom definitely would have put Iris in jeopardy much more than they showed. I thought that the team would eventually have figured out that Harry killed Turtle too. I see that we agree. Good thinking, great minds and all that. ;-)

Name: summerartist · Date: 11/25/16 4:26 pm · For: Chapter 1
I'm enjoying the cinematic and visual feel to the writing. Not many people can do that effectively and they end up writing scripts. It's definitely unique.

I also liked people giving Joe and Barry a wide berth while he helped his kid out. I wonder what the crisis is. Hmmm

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