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by Heatherlly on 02/29/16 6:29 am  

Welcome to our new writing archive! :)

I think most of you will find this site simple to use, especially if you post on or A03.
That said, please remember that I'm only one person working with a freeware script. I don't have a lot of resources or fancy servers, and I certainly don't have a team of ninja coders behind me. If there are bugs or other issues, please be patient with me. I'll get them resolved as soon as I can.

A few things you should know:

1. Fandoms with less than three stories can be found under "Other Fandoms".
Once they reach three stories, they'll become a top level category.

2. New fandoms and characters will be added on an "as needed" basis.
You may request whatever you need in this post Just please be specific, and make sure your fandom/character names are spelled properly.

3. For those of you from the old site, you are no longer required to put extra info in your titles or at the beginning of your stories.
This is all covered through the various options you'll find on the new story page.

Beyond that, please have a look around and experiment with different features. Most of what you'll need to know will be learned through trial and error. That said, feel free to comment on this post if you need help.

Thank you!
Teej on 03/07/16 9:27 am

Would it be possible to get a Sherlock category?

jaqtkd on 03/07/16 9:57 am

We have the category in 'Others' but I see it's not populated with names yet.  I'll add a few now but are there any specific characters you'd like included?

Teej on 03/07/16 10:00 am

Sherlock, Mycroft, John and Lestrade for starters? I don't have time just now, but I will be adding my Sherlock stores as time allows. I also have questions regarding Series and Collections and if there is a way to switch it on this new site. I just added one of my Collections, but am wondering if it shouldn't be a Series.

Teej on 03/07/16 10:02 am

By that I mean, once I have posted the Collection as a Story, but it seems like it should be in a Series? Is there a way to switch it, or do I need to reload it in the Series section?

jaqtkd on 03/07/16 10:04 am

I've have populated the Sherlock category with nine names to be getting on with, including the four you've mentioned.

As far as I can tell, collections will be submitted here as stories in separate chapters.  A series appears to be something else.  

Teej on 03/07/16 10:09 am

Okay, gotcha, thanks Jaq!

Olim on 03/07/16 10:41 am

A category for Percy Jackson and the Olympus/Heroes of Olympus would be awesome too! =)

jaqtkd on 03/07/16 10:46 am

As per point 2, please list the exact title and name of characters you want included. Moderators may know the fandom (as I did with Sherlock) but it'll be easier to assume we don't.

Olim on 03/07/16 11:40 am

Sorry, Jaq! Uh ... Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase as starter characters in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians category, please? 

Narlth on 03/07/16 11:52 am

Under Other Fandoms for you Olim. :)

nooneushudknow on 03/07/16 1:14 pm

Didn't see this ;) If you can add Pirates of the Caribbean, that would be great!!

Narlth on 03/07/16 1:20 pm

Is there any specific characters you want Wonk?

nooneushudknow on 03/07/16 1:26 pm

Jack and Will, thank you. :3

jaqtkd on 03/07/16 1:28 pm

That's Captain Jack! 

(Sorry, couldn't resist, mate)

Narlth on 03/07/16 1:29 pm

All done

nooneushudknow on 03/07/16 1:30 pm

Thank you! And it seems like I can't like comments, but I certainly like yours Jaq ;)

Teej on 03/07/16 10:21 pm

No rush. Can Doc Martin be added to Others? With Dr. Martin Ellingham and Louisa Glasson as starter characters?

Moon Fox on 03/07/16 10:42 pm

If you get a chance, can Sefa be added to the Merlin character list? Thanks :D

jaqtkd on 03/08/16 4:00 am

Doc Martin and first two characters added.  Also Sefa is now on the 'Merlin' list.

Matthew72 on 03/08/16 9:11 am

Can we also have a Torchwood category please? Characters: Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper

Legendary on 03/08/16 9:25 am

Added in Torchwood for you, Matt. :)

jillc on 03/08/16 1:46 pm

Would it be possible to add Isolda and Tristan into the list of Merlin characters please? Thanks.

jaqtkd on 03/08/16 2:06 pm

On it...

JJuna on 03/09/16 12:55 am

Could you add Annis to the Merlin characters please? Thank you.

jaqtkd on 03/09/16 1:30 am

Okay.  That's done. :)

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