fanfiction and original stories

Warnings: Excessive/Graphic Violence

Other Results: 12 ePub eBooks, 1 Series


A Crown of Golden Leaves by Olim Rated: T 3 Reviews
The Sorrows of Pendragons by Doberler Rated: M 30 Reviews
Beyond Words by airBerry Rated: T 12 Reviews
Open Your Eyes by Mischel Rated: T 0 Reviews
Illustrations by Ace Von S Rated: M 0 Reviews
Come back to me by poolejake Rated: K 0 Reviews
Bury Me Whole by Ryne Rated: M 3 Reviews
Disintegration by Ryne Rated: T 0 Reviews
The Necromancer by Ryne Rated: K 0 Reviews
Their little secret by ChibiChiii Rated: MA 0 Reviews
A cold haunted night by ChibiChiii Rated: K 1 Reviews
Lifeline by airBerry Rated: T 3 Reviews

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