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Drabbles by AJsRandom Rated: T 15 Reviews
Falling for You by Mischel Rated: T 0 Reviews
Healing by djdubois Rated: T 11 Reviews
The Sorrows of Pendragons by Doberler Rated: M 30 Reviews
You...Always Surprise Me by Doberler Rated: T 3 Reviews
Before Us by AJsRandom Rated: T 1 Reviews
Dragons, Lies and Prophecies. Or Why You Should Never Lie to an Accomplished Seer. by Tahbatha Rated: T 8 Reviews
Beyond Words by airBerry Rated: T 12 Reviews
The Age of Dragons by Mischel Rated: T 0 Reviews
Holidaze by AJsRandom Rated: T 3 Reviews
A Dash of Merlin for the Holidays by crshore Rated: T 16 Reviews
That Suspense FIc by AJsRandom Rated: K+ 0 Reviews
Sir Percival's Choices by crshore Rated: T 14 Reviews
TWT prequel 1: Fragmented by Matthew72 Rated: T 36 Reviews
Magic Flames by Mischel Rated: T 0 Reviews
Swords Are Not For Hitting by Mashfan Rated: K 5 Reviews
Castle of Cards by mizzymel Rated: T 1 Reviews
Saved by AJsRandom Rated: K+ 2 Reviews
In the Minds of Men by MagicGirl41 Rated: T 0 Reviews
Who Heals the Healer? by LyricalSinger Rated: K 10 Reviews
Love's Spell by AJsRandom Rated: K+ 0 Reviews
Lyrics & Melodies by AJsRandom Rated: K+ 1 Reviews
The Princess and the Sorcerer: The Merlin/Mithian Collection by jillc Rated: K 3 Reviews
When In Camelot... by jaqtkd Rated: T 5 Reviews
The tales of Emlyn by Matthew72 Rated: T 0 Reviews

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